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CSE Patent Titles
IN-11-09-Patent Title: Bitcoin Price Prediction using Machine Learning
IN-11-10-Patent Title: Uber Data Analysis and Quick Search using Deep Learning
IN-11-11-Patent Title: House/ Self Loan Prediction Using AI-Artificial Intelligence
IN-11-12-Patent Title: Digit classification and Dataset using Machine Learning.
IN-11-13-Patent Title: Language Recognition with Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
IN-11-14-Patent Title: Emotion Recognition and notification using Machine Learning and AI.
EEE and ECE Titles
IN-11-15-Patent Title: Intelligent Agriculture Controlling and Monitoring Using IoT- Based
IN-11-16-Patent Title: Streetlights Controlling and Monitoring using IoT-Based Technology.
IN-11-17-Patent Title: Agriculture Water Level Controlling and Monitoring using IoT-Based
IN-11-18-Patent Title: Health Controlling and Monitoring using Yoga.
IN-11-19-Patent Title: Student Study Monitoring using IoT-Based Technology.
IN-11-20-Patent Title: Design a Wearable Sensors to Provide Healthcare Notification Using IoTBased Technology.
Mechanical Engineering---Related Patent Titles
IN-11-21-Patent Title: Dry Electrode Manufacturing Processes for Lithium-Ion Batteries.-Registered
IN-11-22-Patent Title: Design a Wearable Sensors to Provide Healthcare Notification Using IoTbased Technology
IN-11-23-Patent Title: Designing the New Generation of Filtration Devices
CE-Civil Engineering ---Related Patent Titles
IN-11-24-Patent Title: Noise Absorbing Materials using Sweet Potato Waste and other Required
IN-11-25-Patent Title: Intelligent Irrigation System Controlling and Monitoring using IoT-Based
IN-11-26-Patent Title: Reinforced Concrete Beams with Coconut Shell and Waste Plastics.
Physics ---Related Patent Titles
IN-11-27-Patent Title: Device for Detecting Apples inside and outside Quality.
IN-11-28-Patent Title: Device and Method for Detecting Tomato inside, outside quality and
eatable Status.
IN-11-29-Patent Title: Supersonic Aircraft with Spike for Controlling and Reducing Sonic boom.
Chemistry ---Related Patent Titles
IN-11-30-Patent Title: Method and Process to Making a Protein Powder.
IN-11-31-Patent Title: Method and Process to Making a Toilet Cleaner.
IN-11-32-Patent Title: Method and Process to Making a Cow Milk Powder.
IN-11-33-Patent Title: Method and Process to Making a Floor Cleaner.

Math - Related Patent Titles
IN-11-34-Patent Title: Value Added Mineral Water Making Method and Process.
IN-11-35-Patent Title: Natural Soap Making Method and Process.
Pharmacy ------- Related Patent Titles
IN-11-36-Patent Title: Advanced Brufen Tablets 400mg Making Method and Process.
IN-11-37-Patent Title: High Density Hand Sanitizer Making Method and Process.
IN-11-38-Patent Title: High Density Quick Response Asthma Inhalers Making Method and
IN-11-39-Patent Title: Blood Sugar Quick Testing Kit Making Method and Process.
MBA---------------------Related Patent Titles
IN-11-40-Patent Title: Advanced Branding in the Marketing of Unilever Products.
IN-11-41-Patent Title: Improved the Relations of an International Trading.
IN-11-42-Patent Title: Improve Your Restaurant's Online Food Ordering
IN-11-43-Patent Title: Advanced Food Packaging Management System
IN-11-44-Patent Title: Improved the Quantity of On Line Education System
IN-11-45-Patent Title: Improved the Quality if Services in Hospital
IN-11-46-Patent Title: Improved the Tourism Services and Management System.
IN-11-47-Patent Title: Intelligent MCQ Examination Management System.
IN-11-48-Patent Title: Advanced Train Ticket Booking Management System.
IN-11-49-Patent Title: Immediate Lowest Amount Flight
Tickets Management System.
IN-11-50-Patent Title: Milk Production Management System.
IN-11-51-Patent Title: Tomato Production and Delivery Management System
Agriculture - Related Patent Titles
IN-11-52-Patent Title: Improved the Potato Production System.
IN-11-53-Patent Title: Improved the Pea Quality and Production System.
IN-11-54-Patent Title: Rice Quality and their Color Management System.
IN-11-55-Patent Title: Improved the Fish Production.
IN-11-56-Patent Title: Improved the Chicken Production in Indian Market.


1. Dynamic spectrum division among 5G and LTE technologies.
2. Enabling network slicing in 5G communication network.
3. Inter vehicle wireless payment method using 5G communication network.
4. 5G television video playback method.
5. Method for assisting vehicle communications in 5G system.
6. Integrating antenna on metal back of 5G mobile device.
7. 5G service compatibility assignment using 4G sim.
8. Routing mobile data traffic in 5G networks.
9. Next generation broadcast platform utilizing 5G software defined network.
10.Enabling integration between long-term evolution (LTE) and 5G technology.
IoT -Based
1. Method and system for industrial Internet of Things
2. Blockchain based IOT security and data privacy protection system
3. IOT smart home monitoring system
4. IOT smart home remote alarm and control system
5. IOT power grid operation and maintenance system
6. Industrial robot product assembling method based IOT
7. Big data-based artificial intelligent (AI) power grid control operation
8. Parking lot shade for generating electricity with photovoltaic that tracks a maximum
power point
9. Power optimization for power micro-grid system
10. Demand response in a renewable energy-based grid infrastructure
11. Detection of risks in driving using machine learning
12. Real time decision making for autonomous driving vehicle
13. Artificial Intelligence based Drone navigation control
14. Adaptive driving navigation system with artificial intelligence
15. Systems and methods using artificial intelligence for routing electric vehicles
16. Vehicle identity/record management using blockchain
17. Smart contracts based logistics
18. Intelligent vehicle real-time communication for preventing accidents
19. Power consumption smart power grid through smart metering
20. Self power generation in air conditioning systems
21. Farming automation system using crop image big data
22. Agricultural planting based on IOT
23. Artificial Intelligence Based Smart Farming
24. Automatic intelligent agricultural greenhouse
25. Cloud service based crop management

1. Method for pairing user devices with medical devices using IOT sensors for real time test results.
2. Implantable and bioresorbable sensors for monitoring human body vitals.
3. Method of making long-term implantable flexible electronic devices.
4.Method for preparing silica based Nano capsules.
5. Artificial intelligence based wearable personal digital device for saliva testing.
6. Triage devices and methods for selecting necessary responses based on user health condition.
7. Method for providing a hybrid brain-computer-interface (HBCI) for detecting human reinforcement signals.
8. Method for providing personal therapeutic treatment plans using artificial intelligence techniques.
9. Method and apparatus for evaluating developmental conditions and disorders of a user.
10. An interactive biometric touch scanner with an actuator for two way communication.

1. Computing device for generating chat data based on artificial intelligence.
2. Artificial intelligence application programming interface (API) integrated with sharing system.
3. Artificial intelligence based management and control of storage media input output access.
4. Detecting recovery mechanism in storage controller by training machine learning modules.
5. Neural processing unit for performing operations using reconfigured field programmable gate
array (FPGA).
6. Utilising edge computing environment for managing quality of service (QoS).
7. Integration of edge computing device within a small cell based station.
1. Detecting structural defects in constructions using machine learning algorithms.
2. Automatic detection of adverse structural conditions and remediation’s using smart construction
3. Monitoring construction of structures using multiple IoT sensors in real time.
4. Measuring dynamic properties of structures and determining risk of failure of structures utilising
IoT sensors.
5. Generating models for building structures and operating building equipment based on generated
1. Manufacturing automation in industries using internet of things (IoT).
2. Stepper motor driver with convenient to install feature in mechanical engineering.
3. Integrated propulsion and steering of electric vehicles.
4. Generating digital twin models in mechanical engineering for designing machines.
5. Using distribution algorithms for automatically designing mechanical structures.

Computer Science
1. Method and system for dynamic Docker container configuration recommendations
using machine learning techniques
2. Method for automatic management of shared authentication credentials in computing
network using learning models
3. Method and system for providing a smart metadata-based mapping assistant
4. Training models for remediation of data quality issues in computer databases
5. Computerized grouping of new articles based on activity and associated phase of focus
Language Translation Techniques
1. Method and system for runtime topic change analysis in spoken dialog contexts
2. Method for providing active learning for natural language question answering using
smart engines
3. Cognitive analysis of digital content for adjustment based on language proficiency level
4. Integrating dialog history into end-to-end spoken language understanding systems
5. Method for providing a smart seamless sign language conversation device
Electronics and Communication
1. Method and system for providing a smart electronic cloth or garment for generating
2. Method and system for implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for location optimization
in a communication network
3. Method for efficiently managing communication privacy in encroaching environment
4. Method for run-time communication protocol parameter adjustment in containerized
5. Blockchain based declarative description for cross-network communication
6. Method for preventing audio delay-induced miscommunication in audio/video
7. Method for deploying AI techniques for assessing software-defined network controller
communication flow.

Automobile Technology
1. Method and system for implementing edge computing for configuring autonomous
vehicle infrastructure
2. Smart anomaly detection for vehicle in motion using external views by an established
3. Machine learning models for vehicle contamination notification using AD HOC networks
4. IOT based proactive monitoring and maintenance of smart vehicle and alerting vehicle
drivers in real time
5. Ensuring proactive availability of vehicles for providing connected vehicle services
Augmented Reality
1. Visualizing automation capabilities through augmented reality (AR) techniques
2. Method for combining AI techniques and augmented reality user interface for assessing
hand tremor in real time
3. Method for augmented reality system for control boundary modification
4. Method and system for augmented reality visualization of malicious soundwaves
spreading boundary
5. Augmented reality based environmental parameter filtering by utilizing artificial
intelligence algorithms
6. Augmented reality based dynamic video recording and pausing zone creation for user
Block Chain Technology
Money Transfer and Payment Processing Management using Block Chain System
Supply Chains Monitoring and Notification Management using Block Chain System
Retail Programs Based on Loyalty Rewards Management using Block Chain System
Protection of Royalty and Copyright using Block Chain and Deep Learning System
Digital Voting and fraud Detection using Block Chain and Machine Learning System
IOT Technology
Smart Agriculture and Notification Management using IoT- Based System
Weather Reporting and Alert Management using IoT, AI- Based System.
Home Automation and theft Alert using IoT, Machine Learning System.
Face Recognition and Identification using IoT and Deep Learning System
Air Pollution Monitoring and Notification using IoT, Machine Learning System
Smart Parking and available space alert using IoT –Based System.
Virtual Telepresence Robot Using IOT based Raspberry Pi and Machine Learning System
Car Fault Detection and Notification using Smartphone.
Tour Manage and Notify Using IoT- Based System.
Travel and tourism management using IOT and Machine Learning System.
Medical & Instrumentation
Independent Predictors of Atrial Fibrillation in Cryptogenic Embolic Stroke
Patients using IoT-Based System.
Cerebral Aneurysm Progression using AI- Based System
Gynecologic Organ Involvement in Bladder Cancer using Machine Learning.
Crop Seeding and Soil Detection Robot.
Crop Monitoring and Analysis using IoT and AI- Based System
Fertilizing and Irrigation Robot controlled by mobile.
Robot Crop Weeding and Spraying.
Composite Flour Blends for Biscuit Making Method and Process.
Plants in The Treatment of Diseases Caused by Micro-Organisms Based using AI
Method and Process to Improved Tea Production.
Method and Process to Improved Milk Production.
Method and Process to Improved iodine-based salt Production.
Method and Process to Improved immunity products Production
Process related to Products Manufacturing and Improvement Methods.
International Financial Reporting Standards On Earnings Management Method
and Process.
Economic Development Tool Tax method and Process.
IOT Sensor Based Smart Nursing Bed
Control system for controlling the inflation or deflation of the inflatable mattress
User Interface based Intelligent Nursing Bed
Multiple sensor based Suction seat for intelligent nursing toilet bowl
Machine learning models for validation and authentication of nurses in hospitals
Machine Learning based medical system to diagnose diseases and related conditions
Surgical instruments integrated with machine learning methods
Machine learning based clinical decision support system
Machine Learning based Technologies for inferring a patient conditions
Predicting clinical trial criteria using machine learning techniques
Controlling and managing agriculture using block chain technology.
End to end smart agriculture management using IoT (Internet of things).
Method for supporting low resource usage plant growth in air or mist environments.
Real time plant information acquisition system based on IoT technology.
Integrating block chain and IoT for transaction recordation in food supply.
Intelligent modular image sensor system for agricultural crop improvement.
IoT based closed agricultural environment for growing vegetables.
Recommending agricultural activities based on crop related data using IoT.
Machine learning based weed control system.
Secured and privacy based meta market support in an agricultural product Marketplace
via block chain technology.
Method for management of production animals
IOT Sensor technologies for managing the health of livestock
Method apparatus for detecting when an animal is in heat
Optical electrode interface for bio engineering application
Smart method for Manufacture of processed food
Autonomous or semi-autonomous robotic aquaculture systems
Autonomous or semi-autonomous robotic aquaculture systems
Mathematics learning ramified platform system for an electronic device
Personalized augmented mathematical learning content
Intelligent mathematics education instruction