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List of Patent titles available for filing with Indian Patent Office Indian Publication Patent - Maximum Number Applicant and Inventor : 6
1 Design Optical character extraction under different illumination conditions
2 Design and development of Digital fruit and Spices Quality identification technology
3 Smart Painting Roller with Temperature Sensor to Detect the Temperature of Wall andPaint
4 A Method and System of Artificial Intelligence Block chain E-Commerce System
5 An overview of exploring the potential of Artificial Intelligence approaches on Digital Marketing
6 A method and a device of Wireless Master Joystick Controller for Robotics
7 Customer satisfaction with reference to financial services in DJS Stock and Shares
8 Multi objective optimization technique for task scheduling in cloud computing environment
9 Distribution Transformer Fuse Failure Detection and Information Passing System
10 ML Strategy for Performance Enhancement of Phase Change Material for a SmartControl Solar Application
11 Simulation of Three Phase Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches
12 Three Phase Fault Analysis with Auto Reset on Temporary Fault and Permanent Trip
13 Factors affecting dealer performance to evolve a strategy for increasing market share
14 Analysis of working capital management at high cash burn start-up’s in the food tech space
15 Role of digital strategy in the globalization of Medium scale Indian Pharmaceutical Industries
16 A Drone Enabled Approach for Gas Leak Detection Using Optical Flow Analysis
17 Drone Seed Replants Trees to Keep Forests Healthy
18 A machine learning method for the large-scale evaluation of urban visual environment
19 An investigation on the use of Machine Learning methods for predicting Employee Performance
20 Deep Learning Resolves Representative Movement Patterns in a Marine
21 Distributed vectors of a newly created local Multi Scale Fourier transform for use in medical imaging
22 Impact on investment pattern with special reference to small and mediumcapitalization companies
23 Design and development of GSM based Substation Monitoring and Control System
24 Design and development of New High Quality Tape Shield for Power Line Safety
25 An evaluation of ML techniques for Human Resource Management and Sustainable Development
26 Photovoltaic Solar Power Generation with Maximum Power Point Tracking
27 Design & Development of Dual Axis Solar Tracking System with Weather Sensor
28 An IOT and Cloud Technique to Track and Monitor the Work and Well Being of theStreet Sweepers
29 Machine Learning Based Approach to Study the Positive Aspects of Various Bioenergy Systems
30 AI to Analyse the Mini Channel Based Solar Collectors for Effective Utilisation of Solar Energy
31 Design a Smarter Gaseous Fuel cell that is efficient in Producing Electricity for Running Automobile
31A Educating opportunities and challenges in digital humanities and professionaland technical communication
32 Machine learning-based closed-loop mixture of concrete equipment and the method
A Smart Device to Monitoring the Optic Cable and Inform the Users in Case of any Discrepancies
34 An Auto weighted sheet metal bending removal machine using deep learningtechnique
35 Dedicated drone-based testing of building’s strength located in a hazardousenvironment
36 IoT with Malware Forensics Approach Based on Dark net Centric Proactive Deception Techniques
37 Design an Intelligent Surveillance and Night Patrolling using Drone
38 Design of Linear Type and Morphological Type Image Filtering with FPGA Image Processing Kit
39 Application of Human Resource Management System to protect Sensitive BusinessData
40 Systematic Approach to Analyse the Efficiency of Photosynthesis through the Aspects of Biophysics
41 DL with Nanotechnology Approach to the Effect of Topical Creams for Treating BloodCancer Nodes
42 Design of Low Power and Enhance Speed Multiplier, Accumulator with SPST Adder in Verilog
43 Enhanced Speed and Minimum Complexity Design of a Reed Solomon Type Decoder
44 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Intrusion Detection in Network Security
45 Critical determinants of using sophisticated DL tools to address Product Quality in Automobile Industries
46 Smart AI based approach to Manage the Payment of E-Commerce Sites and Financial Management
47 A Block chain Based Novel Machine Learning Approach for Smart Health Care Framework
48 A Modern Digital Framework for Cities Based on Block Chain and Fog Computing Technologies
49 Moving image Detection and Recognition System using Digital Image Processing
50 Design of Face Detection and Tracking Using Image Processing on Raspberry Pi
51 Detection and analysis of Face Detection and Facial Expression Recognition System
52 Design and analysis of Machine Learning Security Framework for IoT Systems
53 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Secure IoT in Industrial Environment
54 IoT Based Smart Systems using ML and AI Vulnerabilities and Intelligent Solutions
55 Design of K Band Transmitting Antenna for Harbor Surveillance Radar Application
56 Design and Implementation of Adaptive Cluster Approach in CRN for 5G Applications
57 Water quality assessment of a river basin under Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Framework
58 Design and Development of Multi-Layered Security System Using Cryptography andSteganography
59 Solar power generation forecasting using ensemble approach based on deep learning and statistical methods
60 Design of College Network Security Management System Based on SNMPManagement Model
61 A machine learning-based gradient boosting regression approach for wind power production forecasting
62 Hydro-chemical assessment of environmental status of surface and ground water in mine areas
1 Semantic Analysis and Information Modelling for NanotechApplication In The Agri-Food Sector
4 Recent Advances in Chemical and Pesticide Detection Biosensor Development
5 IoT based Food Servicing Industry using Deep Learning Model
6 Predictive Model Development for Food Bacteria Detection usingMachine Learning
7 Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer using IoT based NanoTechnology
8 Molecular Imaging, Diagnostics and Treatment for Biomedical Nanotechnology
9 Design of Application for Nanotechnology for the Industrial EcologyPreservation
Environmental Pollutants Detection for Public Health Impact Analysisusing Passive Nanotechnology Sensors
41 Comparison of Breast Cancer Diagnosis Techniques using Machine Learning Model
42 Liver Cancer Prediction for Early Treatment using Deep LearningModel
43 Lung Cancer Diagnosis Using Ensemble Machine Learning Model
44 CT Imaging based Lung Cancer Modelling for Early Treatment using Optimization Techniques
45 Convolutional Neural Network for Medical Image DiseaseClassifications
21 Lightweight Deep Learning based Trust Management Model for Cloud Assisted Fog Systems
22 Multi-factor Authentication Model using Random Forest basedMachine Learning Technique
23 Real-Time Task Scheduling and Fault Tolerance for Cloud based Fog Systems
24 Trust based Key Management for Internet of things over edge-basedcloud servers
25 Certificate Authentication for Security Model Design in Mobile Devices
26 Bio-Inspired Model for Load Balancing and VM ResourceManagement in Fog Cloud Systems
27 Federated Learning with Distributed Machine Learning Model for Multi-Edge Environment
28 Data Aggregation and Management in Wireless Fog Cloud Systems forCloud Systems
29 Prioritized Task Scheduling in Hybrid Cloud Environment for Big Data Models and Applications
30 Reliable Data Modeling and Task Management in Cloud Computing using Heuristics based Algorithms
31 Resource Aware Data Management for Mobile Social Networks in Fog Systems
32 Improvements of Content sharing and Data Transmission in MobileSocial Networks
35 Computational Offloading Scheme for Mobile Social Networks using Deep Learning Models
36 Dissemination of Emergency Data in Opportunistic Mobile SocialNetworks using Ranking Models
37 Real-Time Monitoring of Environment for Content Sharing in Mobile Social Networks
38 Recommendation System Design for Mobile Users in Social Networks
39 Design of Trust based Reputed Model for Mobile Social Networksusing Cryptography
Personalized User Model for Mobile Social Networks using Deep Reinforcement Learning
53 Advanced Conditional Decision Tree Algorithm to identify the
Original Geographical origin of Music Data
Intelligent Algorithm to Predict the Industry to avoid Work Accidentswith a sensor alert system
Identification of State with higher Worker’s Strike Rate to implementPrecautionary Measures using Deep Learning
Improved K-Means Clustering Algorithm with Wireless Networks toincrease the production of the Agriculture in the
Provincial States
Artificial Intelligence – based Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm to Predict theEvents with Conflict of Interest
Influence of Supervised Lasso Regression Algorithm to Monitor theDevelopment of a Country in Global Finance
Implementation of Nearest Neighbour Heuristic Rule to identify the Foreign Country which receives maximum Export
from China
Artificial Intelligence Based Deep Neural Network Algorithm topredict the Foreign Exchange Rates
Role of Semantic Analysis Approach to do Performance Analysis of theAcademic Students
Monitor the performance of employees for automatic increase in Wagesby implementing Advanced Nearest Neighbour
Predict the Reason for Marriage satisfaction based on gender usingComplex Rule Based Approach
Analyze the role of Political connections in product export usingadvanced Gradient Descent back propagation
Use of Sensor Networks with Self Organizing Algorithm to increase theAgricultural productivity
76 Implementation of Wireless Sensor Networks with Artificial Intelligence Algorithm to monitor the Air quality of any
given location
Application of Partial Least Square Discriminant Analysis Algorithm toanalyze the conversation in Micro blogging
Application of Locally Estimated Scatterplot Smoothing with the
support of Wireless networks to monitor the complexity of ConcreteSlump preparation
Learning Vector Optimization Algorithm to perform review analysis ofAmazon Business
Artificial Intelligence Based Optimization algorithm to recognize thehandwritten digits of writers
Predict the type of news that gains popularity in Multiple Social MediaPlatforms using Advanced Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Classify the type of Events that Buzz in social media using LinearRegression with Interactions Algorithm
Robust Linear Regression Algorithm with Artificial Intelligence foranalyzing effective Paper Review
Detection of Botnet Attacks in Internet of Things by the implementation of Goal-based Artificial Intelligent Agent
86 Usage of Simple Reflex Artificial Intelligent Agent to Detect malwares
Implementation of Artificial Intelligence based Learning Agent forMalware classification using static and dynamic features
Model Based Reflex Artificial Intelligent Agent to predict theProductivity of garment employees
Utility based Artificial Intelligent Agent to analyze the performance ofStock portfolio
Implementation of AI based Wireless Sensor networks to update theDaily and sports activities by players
A hybrid of Time Series Based Bee Colony Optimization Algorithm toanalyze multiple views about video games in Youtube
Role of Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator (LASSO)monitor the stress level of person by using Wearable sensors
Task Prediction of images in Avila Bible using Deep ReinforcementMachine Learning Algorithm
Firefly Algorithm with hierarchical decision model as Expert System torank the Nursery school in a given Location
Classify the Online shoppers based on the purchasing category usingExtended Simulated Annealing Meta-heuristics Algorithm
Dynamic Objective Function Based Variable Neighborhood SearchAlgorithm to identify hand posture using AI based Motion
The use of Artificial Intelligence based Wireless Network to monitorthe Meteorological data of given Location

Assessing the role of human activities in Climate change using ParticleSwarm Optimization
Analyzing the progress of Movie Industry with Gradient - Glow WormOptimization Algorithm
Implementation of Swarm Intelligence to assess the Teamwork withArtificial Intelligence Techniques
Automatic Process mining of Educational Learning Activities usinghybrid of Random Boost Algorithm with Genetic Algorithm
Artificial intelligence techniques in the early prediction of KidneyDiseases in the context of medical history
Role of Multimedia in Visualizing the Medical Image Data in thecontext of Artificial Intelligence
Prediction Framework for Heart Diseases in the context of ArtificialIntelligence
Application of Multi-Layer Perceptron to identify the clusters of liverdiseases
Secure and Privacy Preserved Deep Learning Model for MedicalImage Disease Prediction in Cloud Computing
Internet of Medical Things based Deep Learning Model forImage Fusion in the Medical Image Classificaton
Infectious Disease Classification for Unstructured Medical Records using Lightweight Deep Learning Models
H1 Smart rule based management model for heterogeneous environment
H2A A Conceptual framework for agricultural sector using integrated blockchain-supply chainmanagement
H 6 Virtual power electronics modules for thermal model by dedicated artificial neural network
H 8 Novel framework with scalability and improves space in cloud for embedded systems
H 11 Self learning and dissemination Autonomous vehicle using artificial intelligence
H 12 Improved network framework for cloud manufacturing through blockchain technology
Non-Interactive Privacy Preserved Neural NetworkClassification for Medical Image Diagnosis
Diagnostic of Image Features and Classification of MedicalImage Diseases for Cardiac Applications
Cryptography Technologies for Medical Image Transmissionand Processing in Edge based Cloud Environments
Deep Federated Learning Techniques for Multi-Classification ofInfectious Diseases and Remote Monitoring in Internet of Medical Thin.
AI based Trustworthy Systems for Clinical Diagnosis ofHealthcare Images in Internet of Things
Optimization Techniques for Medical Diagnosis for Warning ofHuman Health Concurrent Monitoring
Skin Lesion Classification using Accurate Segmentation andFeature Extraction by Hybrid Deep Learning Techniques
S 1 Safe and secure remote health monitoring system through Rule based AI framework
S 2 Trust based remote patient monitoring framework through Cloud-IoT
S 14 Fault classification framework for distributed generation systems by simulation study
S 16 Measure of player tendency through their gesture using AI approach
S18 Prediction of suitable nano drug delivery for cancer treatment through AI
H5 Self examine machine learning risk prediction model for communication industries
H 10 Secured food supply management framework using RFID and blockchain technology
H 23 Development of computational model to measure the wearable cause in the layered soft film
H 24 Multiple design variants for photonics and materials design through absorption spectra strategies
H 25 Optimized machine learning strategy for phonic devices with inversed model
1 Smart IoT Based System For Home Automation System
2 A System For Social Distancing Using Human Density Notation Rgb Led Strips
3 A Smart Sensor-Based Child Fencing System Through Rssi Fencing
Method And System For Detecting Interruption Of Communications And ForAutomatically Re-Establishing The
Machine learning based prediction of Cardiovascular Diseases status and assessment of chances
of survival for a patient in cardiac arrest.
7 Device and Method For Deflecting Rain Water From Mirrors Installed on Vehicles
8 Fall Detection and Prevention System for the Elderly Using Beacon
9 Method For Assessing Risk Of Severe Form Of Covid-19
11 A System For Crop Counting Based On Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning
12 A water purification system Based on Internet of Things (IoT)
13 Automated detection of COVID-19 Disease using deep neural networks and Images processing
A Machine Learning And Ai Based Approach For Transceiving Signal In 6gWireless Communication Network
15 Big data and machine learning based approach for wireless Network resource management
16 A smart agriculture monitoring system based on Web of Things