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Patent Concepts (USA, India, Germany Patent Ofiices)
Management/ Accounts
1491: Patent Title: Manage Role of Forecasting and Planning in Business Academy Organization.
1492: Patent Title: Manage Importance of Employee Productivity and Motivation.
1493: Patent Title: Manage the Problem of Unemployment and solving it through Digital Businesses.
1494: Patent Title: Manage the Training Industrial Man-Power as an Aid.
1495: Patent Title: Urbanization Problem for Agricultural Growth.
1496: Patent Title: Start-ups’ Towards the Growth of the Indian Digital Economy.
1497: Patent Title: Importance of Taxation as a Source of Revenue for the Govt.
1498: Patent Title: Contribution of Effective Communication in Improving Employee Morale.
1499: Patent Title: Manage Six Sigma Implementation Process at a manufacturing company.
1500: Patent Title: Quality Management Implementation at Electric Vehicle Production.
1501: Patent Title: Analysis of YouTube ads in digital marketing to reach mass audiences effectiveness.
1502: Patent Title: Impact of GST on Various Construction.
1503: Method and Process to solved the Water Problems in Rural Areas
RP-122: Analysis on corporate credit monitoring practices in PNB Bank
RP-123: Analysis on ICICIs marketing strategies of financial products
RP-124: Analysis to evaluate the banking service provided to rural customers by PSU banks
RP-125: Analysis on customers’ expectations and satisfaction level towards after sales serviceprovided at
ABC Motors.
RP-126: Analysis on customer expectations, experience and satisfaction level towards servicesprovided at
two-wheeler exchange.
1504: Development of an Online Attendance and Lecture Notes Management System Using AI-Based.
1505: Development of a Feature-Rich and Researcher Employee Transfer Request Using ML- Based.
1506: Safe and Secure Internet Banking System Using DL- Based,
1507: Methods and Process of an E-Post Office Controlled using AI- Based.
1508: Engineering Student Project Allocation and Management With Online Testing System Using AIBased.
1509: Method and Process Active Learning for Interactive Image Retrieval using IOT-Based.
1510: Methods of a Minimizing File Download Time in Stochastic Peer-To-Peer Networks.
1511: Enhanced Security for Online Exams Using Group Cryptography using IoT- Based Notification
1512: Zigbee Device Access Control and Reliable Data transmission in Zigbee Based Health Monitoring
System Using IoT-Based.
1513: Group Elevator Scheduling with Advance Information for Emergency Modes in Building
1514: Internet-Based Teaching and Experiment System for Control Engineering Course as a Prototype
ModelUsing AI- Based.
1515: Data Seclusion in Image & Audio Files using ML- based.
1516: Big Date and Cloud Computing Information Collection Using AI- Based
RP-101: Monitoring Agriculture Climate Conditions Algorithm using AI- Based.
RP-102: Crop Farming-From Temperature and Precipitation Algorithm to Leaf Water Potentialand Overall
Crop Health using ML- Based.

RP-103: Livestock tracking and monitoring help collect data Algorithm on stock health, well-being and
physical location using DL-Based.
Rp-104: Blockchain-Based Vote Tracking Algorithm and Management System Using AI-Based.
RP-105: Tourist Behaviour Analysis and Managements Algorithm using Machine Learning.
************************EEE and ECE******************************
1517: Distributed Database Architecture for Global Roaming in Next-Generation Mobile Networks.
1518: Virtual Voice Calling AI- Based Human in Hotel Management Notification and Controlled.
1519: Noise Reduction by Advanced Fuzzy Image Filtering
1520: Structure and Texture Filling-In of Missing Image Blocks Compression App.
1521:5-G Mobile Agents in Distributed Multimedia Database Systems.
1522: Methods and Process of a Video Steganography
1523: Location Aided Routing for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks under Global Networks.
1524: Try-Based Encryption and Try-Based Decryption Technique for Secure Communication in Wlan.
1525: Neural Networks for Handwriting Detection System Using Brain Net and AI- Algorithm.
Rp-106: Weather reporting and Monitoring Method and Processed Algorithm using IoT-Based.
RP-107: Air Pollution Monitoring and Notification Algorithm IoT-Based.
Rp-108: Methods and Process to improved Quality of Sign Wave Signal and ControlledAlgorithm.
Rp-109: Methods and Process to improved and evaluate Quality of Laplace Signal. RP-110: Analyze and
notification Algorithm Crime Rates in India using IoT- Based.
1526: Design of Differential Advanced Gearbox
1527: AI-Based Front Wheel Steering System with Movable Headlights
1528: Automatic Gear Changer in Two and Four Wheeler Vehicle under Self Decision.
1529: Sensor Operated Electromagnetic Clutch and Gear Changing Technology.
1530: Advanced Fabrication of Frictionless Energy Generation using Flywheel for Electric Vehicles.
1531: Power Generation using Speed Breaker with Help of Rack and Pinion Mechanism under AIControlled.
1532: Gearless Advanced Power Transmission in Auto Angular Positions using Rods.
1533: Design of Power Steering System using Worm and Worm Wheel Mechanism.
RP-111: Coconut Deshelling Machine Design and Develop Frameworks.
RP-112: Method and Process of Robot Crop Weeding and Spraying Technology.
RP-113: Thermo Electric Energy Advanced Recovery System
RP-114: Study on Structural Behavior and Analysis of Automotive Muffler through FEA.
RP-115: Design of Battery Carrying Structure of an Automobile for Dynamic Loading.
RP-116: Simulation of Centrifugal Pump Perforce using CFD Tool.
1534: Advanced Sensor Networks and Health Monitoring Systems for Civil Infrastructures in Lagos.
1535: Advanced engineering heterogeneous semiconductors for solar water splitting
1536: Economic model of pipeline transport of CO2 with application to carbon capture and storage.
1537: Waste Material convert into a Tiles, Oil and Agro products.
1538: Remote Sensing for Irrigation Water Allocations controlled by IoT- Notification.
1539: Construction Waste material Convert into a cements product and Silica.
1540: methods and Process for engineering, environmental, and ground-water problems Solution.
RP-117: GIS A Tool of Air Quality and Flow of Air Management System.
RP-118: Geosynthetics in Construction of NH-n, Village Roads.
RP-119: Formwork and Base Supportive Scaffolding
RP-120: Fly Ash Disposal and Utilizations per Environment Need.
RP-121: Fibre Reinforced Concrete from Industrial Waste Fibres and otherEnvironment
Anti Objects.

*************************Medical/ Pharmacy************************************
1542: structural derivatives of diones and their optimized anticoagulant.
1543: Designing and synthesis of derivatives of ethyl biscoumacetate and impact of structural change on
anticoagulant Methods.
1544: Advanced Computer aided molecular designing and radical reaction simulation of antioxidant
behavior of Oleuropein derivatives.
1545: anticoagulant Structure of Tioclomarol derivatives on anticoagulant Methods.
1546: structural derivatives of Dicoumarol of structural change on optimized anticoagulant Analysis.
1547: Molecular structural of radical reaction simulation of antioxidant behavior of Polyphenols
1548: Design a structural optimization of polymeric carriers for Cisplatin drug delivery at Global
1549: Design a Structure of organometallic amino acid molecules for neurological Status.
*************************Math/ Phy/ Chem/PCM/PCB/*******************
1550: Mathematical definitions of infinity and how to measure and display System.
1551: Method and Process game theory in social science.
1552: truth tables to present the logical validity of a propositional expression Display System
1553: Comparison Methods and Process of predictive and prescriptive statistical analyses.
1554: Hexagons as the most balanced shape Display in the universe.
1555: Describe method and process of the photon model of the Compton Scattering
1556: Advanced process of a causes peaks in the x-ray spectrum.
1557: Describe methods and process of elemental transmutation.
1558: Methods and Process of an evolution and developments.
1559: Process of an artificial diamonds
1560: Optimizing indoor plants life display and controlled through chemistry
1561: Method and Process of an Environmental Nano toxicology
1562: Develop a Environmentally-friendly materials.
1563: Controlled and managed Environmental pollution with chemicals
1564: Methods of a Molecule connectivity in living cells
RP-127: Methods of Lipid-Based Micro Suspensions for Ophthalmic Delivery of Gentaamicin.
RP-128: Advanced Production of Mosquitoe Repellants Insecticides.
RP-129: Analysis of the Effect of Phosphorus Level on the Grain Yield and Yield Componentsof Soybean
RP-130: best self-treatment for COVID-19 for mild cases who stay at home.
RP-131: percentage of people of color dying from COVID-19 higher than their percentage inthe general