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Note: "International Conference on  Advances in  Engineering  and  Web of Things-ICAEWoT-2022::Date:27-FEBRUARY-2022::Google Meet "   is   postponed to  Date:27-March-2022

Message from SDT on Corona-virus COVID-19

The World Health Organization officially declared the novel corona-virus COVID-19 a pandemic. This global health crisis is a unique challenge that has impacted many members of the Research & Developments family of the globe.  Please Stay at Home and Take Care.

Why should you attend “Online Conferences” In the current situation?

 With extended  shutdowns and lock-downs been initiated by the Governments all across the globe, all conference activity including academic learning and growth, networking, dispensing of knowledge via research presentations and paper submissions, etc, has come to a halt.
 Most Researchers and Professionals rely solely on such events to get to know about the most recent advancements and developments transpiring in their fields. Acquiring such insight is crucial not only to the furtherance of their skills and knowledge but also to secure career progression.
 Even as conferences are being canceled or postponed for later dates, more academics, researchers, scientists, industry professionals and students  are wondering if there is any valid alternative to making good use of their time in quarantines and self-confinement. The perfect solution for all this  family lies in 2020, 2021 & 2022 online conferences.

Advantages of Online Conferences:

1.If you're wondering whether taking part in an International Online Conference is the same as taking part in an actual conference in person.
2.Despite the fact that there are stark differences in both, the Advantages of Online Conferences that one can gain as a result of attending them are the same if not more than that of taking part in Offline conferences.
3.Learn from your own home
4.Save On A Lot Of Unnecessary Expenditures and conference-registration fee 

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