Journals & Speed Publications

  • Lecture Note in Computer Science (SPRINGER)::SCOPUS::PUBLICATION-FEB-2021::ISSN: 0302-9743
  • Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering:: ISSN-1472-7978;; IOS Press:: Q3 Indexing:: Publication Duration::45 to 60 Days:: SCOPUS
  • Taylor and Francis:: Conference publication-FEB=2021
  • Elsevier::MaterialToday:  Duration:45Days:: All engineering & Technology  articles will be published
  • Advances in Mathematics: Scientific Journal:: 1857-8438::SCOPUS: All engineering & Technology  articles will be published
  • Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems(LNSS)-Springer:: Days 
  • List of UGC CARE GROUP-1 Journal:(10 Days)::D.R.S. Research Journal::
List of Scopus Journals:(Duration of Publication:15 to 20 Days)
  1. Journal of Green Engineering
List of Web of Science-ESCI Index (15 Days)
1. International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking::22337857
2. International Journal of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity::2207-8363
3. International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing::2005-4262
4. Journal of Complementary Medicine Research ESCI (45 Days)

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