Dear  Professor / Principal / Management

IIRM-SDT will be doing the following:

1. Event promotion

a. Event will be maintained on our website:

b. Conference brochure, and Poster Designing

c. Professional marketing of the conference

d. Event / Conference “Add-Posting “in

e. Monitoring the registrations and submitting all the docs

3. Provide ISBN for the event

4. Designing, documenting, and editing of E-proceedings, Certificates

5. Soft Copy of proceedings

6. Printing Hard copy proceedings (Text Book) and Certificates

7. Copyright protection for the research

8. High-quality production and printing

9. Extended Paper Publication in Journals

10. E-Proceedings will be maintained on our website:

11. We will provide free Professional Membership to authors (who applied for Membership).


Host College:

1. Keynote speaker will be arranged by the college.

2. Honorarium to the keynote will be given by the host college

3. Host College Faculty support is  Mandatory to get at least 30 to 40 papers for the Conference (will

      be registered):: Faculty must forward the event in their Groups

4. Host college has to provide “ Venue Only”