Best Presentation Award

SDT  Committee has the honor to announce two(2) Paper Awards which strive to acknowledge outstanding performance in the contributor's progress. The awards will be determined from viewpoints of the clarity of presentation, technical merits of scientific level and novelty, and impact on the Science, Management, Engineering and Technology of Innovative Research work.

Best Presentation Award:

A “Best Presentation Award” will be conferred to the author(s) of a full paper presented at the Online conference, selected by the Online Conference Chairs based on the best-combined marks of paper reviewing, assessed by the Program Committee, and paper presentation
quality, assessed by session chairs at the Online Conference venue.
The “Best Presentation Award” Will Be Given To A Paper In Which The Author who present the paper in 
good manner as per the rules and regulations given by SDT.

The Awards Will Be Announced And Bestowed At The Online Conference Closing Session.
The Author Of An Awarded Paper, And Co-Authors If Any, Will Be Entitled To:
A signed and stamped official award certificate;


International Conference on  Recent Trends in Emerging Technologies  and  Engineering - ICRTETE-2022::Date:24-APRIL-2022::Google Meet
First Best Presentation:

Second Best Presentation:
Title:Abnormal Occurrence Imparting Device for Industries

National Conference on Engineering , Social,  Science and Humanities-NCESSH-2022::Date:29-MAY-2022::Google Meet
Best Presentation:
Paper-ID:NCESSH -2022-013
Title:Review on Partial Replacement of Cement by Glass Powder, Fine Aggregate by Crushed Sand and Coarse Aggregate by Recycled Aggregate


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