Dr. Shubhalaxmi Kher, Director & Associate Professor,Department of E.E, Arkansas State University,USA
Dr. TEO Yong  Meng, Professor, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
Dr. Thang Ka Fei,Head of Engineering School,Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (A.P.U), Malaysia
Dr. SivaKumari, Professor,USA
Dr. Hong Shen,Professor, The University of Adelaide,Adelaide, Australia
Dr. Kantola Raimo, Professor, Aalto University, Finland 
Dr. Bryuhomitskiy Yury,  Professor  , Southern Federal University (SFedU), Russia 
Dr. SHI Hongjian, Research Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology, China
Dr. Rocío Pérez de Prado,Associate Professor, University of Jaén, Spain
Dr. Kin-Choong Yow, Associate Professor,  University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Dr.V.Appa Rao,Professor, Freshman Engineering, Dept.of physics, IARE, Dundigal,Hyderabad-43


Dr. Naresh Babu Muppalaneni, India
Dr. Vishal Ramesh S, India
Dr. Manoj Madhava, India
Dr. Sangram Ray, India
Dr.N.Guptha, India
Dr. G. Prasad. USA
Dr. S. Sundaram. India
Dr. Pradeepa, Brazil
Dr. Chandrakala, India
Dr. Pramesha B, Singapore
Dr. Ling Tok Wang, Singapore
Dr. Pierre. C. Catherine, Mauritius
Dr. Tomasz RAK, POLAND
Dr.V. R Rao,  India
Dr.G. Chandrakala, India
Dr. Muragadoss, India
Dr. D.R. Prasad, India
Dr. P. Chari. BD, India
Dr. Ashok G. Matani, India
Dr. JayaChardra M, India 
Dr. Ravindra.J. India
Prof. Murali Krishna, Vizag, Inida
Dr. H.G. Rao, vizag, India
Dr. Bharathi Hiremath, Karnataka, India
Dr. Sheshang Degadwala,Vadodhara, Gujarath,India
Dr.V.Appa Rao, Professor

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